‘5G can’t wait’: French economy minister ruffles feathers of tech-wary MPs

Text by: RFI

France’s Economy Minister has called for 5G mobile phone services to be rolled out as soon as possible, saying any delay would disadvantage the French market. His comments angered dozens of MPs, who have signed a petition calling for a moratorium on the technology until studies are carried out into the effects of on health and the environment.

Speaking to France 2 television on Monday, Bruno Le Maire insisted that any delay in getting 5G technology up and running would be “handing a gift to our enemies and our competitors”.

It comes as the country gears up to attribute frequencies for the roll out of the mobile telephone network at the end of the month.

“It would be a grave error for the country not to pursue 5G. It would deny us technological advancement in the areas of medicine, energy and transport,” he said.

“To relocalise, we must offer the best technological environment. 5G without delay is absolutely necessary. France must conquer, not fossilise without moving forward.”

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