21st National Environmental Health Congress – South Africa

EMFSA was invited to attend and exhibit at the 21st National Health Environmental Congress which was held over the weekend of the 16 th – 18 th of November. The congress was held in the Council Chambers of the Civic Centre in Cape Town.






Among the delegates were municipal managers, councillors and lecturers in environmental health. EMFSA had the opportunity to discuss the acknowledgement of EMFs as an environmental pollutant as well as other important topics.

We stressed our motto: we are not against technology, but promote the safer use thereof.

Delegates were very interested in Mr Lech’s research and the fact that it is recognized by the Organs of State.

Review by South African Organs of State regarding South African EMF study


Of special interest to EMFSA was Professor Doctor Martin Röösli’s presentation: “Mobile Phone Radiation – Should We Be Worried?”

EMFSA was able to comment during the presentation and afterwards we had a mutually respectful discussion with Prof Röösli during which we addressed some of our concerns and future research topics. We agreed that although we might differ on certain issues, we should be able to discuss our differences. We thank him for his time and interest shown and we hope that our meeting will lead to future interaction.

Martin Röösli  https://www.swisstph.ch/en/staff/profile/people/martin-roeoesli/

  • Member of the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection)
  • Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of COSMOS (cohort study of mobile phone use and health)
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)


Image: Professor Doctor Martin Röösli




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