16 Jul Bob Willard – the Sustainability Advantage and sustainability champions

Bob Willard is a leading expert on quantifying the business value of sustainability strategies. He has given over a thousand presentations, has authored six books, and provides extensive resources for sustainability champions. He is an award-winning certified B Corp, a Certified Sustainability Professional, and has a PhD in sustainability from the University of Toronto.

His gift as a SuperDad is the Sustainability ROI Workbook: Building Compelling Business Cases for Sustainability Initiatives. This fill-in-the-blanks Excel workbook monetizes all direct and indirect benefits arising from sustainability-related projects and automatically does return on investment (ROI) calculations, based on user input. It is a free, open-source resource intended to improve the success rate of sustainability initiatives so that we can do what needs to be done, in time.

In the show, we also discuss examples of where Green Initiatives can go when not properly consulted and brief delve into the biophysics on what happens when they do go well.

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