UK: Ofcom EMF Consultation: Have Your Say…

Quite often, people who have recently joined up the dots and linked exposure to EMFs to their symptoms – in other words, people who have realised that they are ‘electrosensitive’ – try to get their heads around what has happened to them, and why. I know that I did.

A dawning awareness of the harmful nature of the electrosmog which now pollutes our homes and everywhere else prompts incredulity that the ‘authorities’ can let it happen.

Surely, if the NHS, Public Health England, the Government, the World Health Organisation, and so on, are just told that people are becoming extremely ill as a result of all of the wireless technologies everywhere, they will urgently leap into action, and sort this growing public health disaster out with all of the determination and competency that they are currently showing in handling the Coronavirus pandemic?

(Ok, perhaps with a little more determination and competency than that…).

In the early days, like many people, I tried all of the usual things; writing letters to my MP about my electrosensitivity, trying to get health professionals to recognise my condition and do something about it, and writing to Public Health England. All to no avail, of course.

I could not understand how it benefited anyone for me, and for others like me, to be severely and chronically impaired, unable to work, and with no realistic prospect of ‘getting better’. What I wasn’t factoring in was the other side of the equation; just how imperative it is for organisations and individuals with vested interests that the link between electrosmog and harmful health effects is NEVER publicly admitted.


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