ES-UK Newsletter Spring 2017

  • Crisis deepens at PHE, AGNIR, the ICNIRP and the WHO
    The small clique of regulators at PHE, AGNIR,ICNIRP and the WHO is becoming
    increasingly discredited scientifically. They still try to cling to
    their fringe minority viewpoint that the only microwave, radio and ELF exposure is heating.
    This may maximise the wireless industry’s profits,
    but it is destroying life – human, animal and plant.
    This Newsletter brings further news of the
    continued failure of these groups to fulfil their role
    in safeguarding the public.
  • PHE’s and AGNIR’s “inaccurate” report: failure to safeguard the public
    PHE’s AGNIR 2012 report (not peer-reviewed)
    was discredited by a comprehensive peer reviewed
    study in 2016 pointing out its many
    inaccuracies. PHE and the UK government now
    appear liable for giving unsafe advice based on
    this invalidated report. Critics argue that the AGNIR 2012 report must be retracted.
  • Conflict of interests by PHE, AGNIR and ICNIRP: time to replace WHO RF group
    The fact that some members of PHE are also
    members of AGNIR and WHO’s ICNIRP raises
    serious issues of conflict of interests, where this
    small clique, with a single and minority viewpoint,
    both sets and also evaluates and then approves
    ICNIRP’s heating limits.


  • See inside for a new WHO group composed of majority experts.
  • Majority international experts confront minority WHO and ICNIRP clique
    Leading international experts have written to the
    United Nations and the WHO requesting up-todate
    and much higher scientific standards to
    safeguard public health and counterbalance
    wireless industry pressures. Some experts met
    WHO officials in Geneva on March 3 2017.
  • To the ‘World Harm Organization’:
    “You have failed us utterly”
    See inside for news of Olga Sheean’s powerful
    challenge to Margaret Chan, the director-general
    of the WHO, and Emilie van Deventer, the leader
    of the WHO’s EMF Project. She asks, for
    instance: “Are you committed to forever debating
    the science, siding with industry and postponing
    action, or are you committed to protecting our
    health? How can we trust an organization that
    rejects the science, dismisses the epidemic of
    microwave sickness, and supports the very
    industry that’s causing such widespread harm?”

        And some good news!

  • There has been excellent TV and media

    reports on EHS people in the UK (see inside).

  • UK courts, unlike the UK government, have

    been recognising more and more people with EHS, even if under different names.

  • More advanced scientific nations are taking action. Paris has rejected ICNIRP’s cooking

    limits, reducing its limit to 5 V/m. Cyprus has banned WiFi from kindergartens, like France,

    and halted its use in elementary schools.

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PHE and AGNIR’s inaccurate scientific report: 15
PHE & AGNIR’s “cover-up”: implications for schools 15
Public Health England’s loss of scientific credibility 17
PHE, DH, AGNIR, and ICNIRP: Conflicts of Interest 19
PHE’s failings on Electrosensitivity 19
WHO’s failings on Electrosensitivity 21
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