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Published on Saturday, October 07, 2017 for  Stichting EHS https://stichtingehs.nl/   On May 24, 2017, a resolution was proposed in Belgium to acknowledge EHS. A very important step because, if the resolution is approved, the government will have to indicate what they have done with the resolution and what measures have been taken to protect people –  especially with EHS, but also the entire population.

Translated from Dutch by the editors of EMFSA,with permission. The link to the article: https://stichtingehs.nl/blog/141-belgische-senatoren-willen-erkenning-voor-ehs


The proposal states that there are numerous testimonies of people with EHS who experience difficulties in every aspect of their lives. An acknowledgment would mean that these people can continue to function in society,because then reasonable adjustments can be made at the workplace and at home. It is also important to consider all consequences on health and any precautionary measures that should be taken for the entire population. It must be ensured that every citizen can choose how often he wants to expose himself to EMR.


The reason for this proposal was calls from scientists and doctors; resolutions of European institutions and recent legislation in France that warn of the dangers of EMR. In addition, exposure to EMR is increasing and more and more citizens are complaining about health problems they develop because of this  increased exposure. These complaints are ignored.  There is also an increasing number of studies and medical appeals that call for the necessary caution.

Proposed measures

Measures proposed are the following. EHS must be officially recognized and special attention needs to be paid to people with EHS and their needs; Research has to be developed so that people can be diagnosed objectively; both physicians and public institutions need to be made aware of EHS and they must take measures to guide people with EHS as effectively as possible; There must be network-free zones and city changes so that people with EHS have access to public occasions; Custom homes need to be built to allow people with EHS to live and work in places where there are many mobile networks; When developing government policy, people with EHS must be taken into account and special attention needs to be paid to the specific needs of people with EHS.

Submitters of the proposal

The proposal has been submitted by three senators. One of them, Mr Philippe Mahoux, is a former doctor and today he is Belgian politician for the Socialist Party.

Situation in other countries

There is already a number of countries where EHS is officially recognized or where measures have been taken. For example, in Sweden, EHS has been officially recognized and has the right to support people, such as adjustments to their workplace and their homes. In Switzerland, health insurance companies can reimburse treatments on the basis of the International Classification of Diseases – in which EHS is included under code Z58. In Austria there is a directive of the Austrian doctors organization for the diagnosis and treatment of EHS.

Case law

Many courts have already expressed their opinion about EHS. Three Italian courts have ruled that brain tumors should be associated with exposure to EMR. Several judgements are done in in France. One about an employee who was declared disabled. One about a smart water meter that had to be removed due to EHS. And two related to telecommunications companies (1) in one case the case the cell tower had to be removed due to fear of health complaints and (2) in the other a woman had to be indemnified for the protection of her home. Also, Spanish and Australian sentences have been made in which people with EHS have been made equal. Also in the Netherlands,  a single case of EHS has been recognizedby government institutions.


It is hoped that the Belgian proposal will be adopted. In any case, Belgium is aware that waiting for so-called ultimate scientific evidence will lead to serious health and economic consequences. After all, the health status of people with EHS is constantly deteriorating and the prevalence of the syndrome is getting bigger.
It would be good if Dutch authorities and politicians also account for this and take (legal) measures as the above effects will not only have a repercussions for Belgium.

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