Spain – Judge grants an employee permanent incapacity for work due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity

 30th November 2017

The case has been won by the STERM Intersindical Union, which for years has supported and advised an affected member with its legal services.

A court in Murcia has acknowledged  permanent work incapacity due to the syndrome of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and chemical sensitivity.The ruling was awarded to an employee of a university in the region.

In 2011, the Council of Europe, in its resolution 1815, warned about the potential health effects of very low frequency magnetic fields linked to electric lines and appliances. This same body indicated the need to take all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, implement information and awareness campaigns and pay special attention to the “electrosensitive” people affected by a syndrome of intolerance to electromagnetic fields.

Among the special measures that should be adopted to protect them is the creation of “white areas” not covered by wireless networks.

For years STERM Intersindical has supported and advised (via its legal services) a member affected by the syndrome of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and chemical sensitivity.The support continued  until total permanent disability for work as a result of this ailment was recognized.

Despite the recommendations of the Council of Europe and the situation of countries such as Sweden, where electromagnetic sensitivity already has disability treatment, the Spanish State has not yet adopted measures to protect people affected by this disease. “This group, which could reach 500,000 people throughout the country, faces great challenges, and there are few judgments that recognize the incapacitating nature of it, which is why this ruling has special relevance,” says STERM.

The union affirms that this sentence ends a long process in which the University in which the affected woman worked refused to adapt her job to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields and recognized that it was not possible to offer a workplace free of these elements where you can maintain your work activity.

Translated from Spanish. Link to the original article: Un juez concede a una funcionaria la incapacidad laboral permanente por hipersensibilidad electromagnética

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