Open Letter to Elon Musk – Planet Earth: Worldwide 5G Radiation from Orbit?

Open Letter
Planet Earth: Worldwide 5G Radiation from Orbit?
Dear Director Musk,

Even in Europe the news has reached us that you want to have thousands of satellites placed into
space so that 5G-mobile communications can be present everywhere on earth (https://www.golem.

This is very good endeavor seen from a purely technological view. But have you also considered its
ecological ramifications? You surely know that according to WHO mobile communication may cause
cancer. And many people suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). There are even indications
that mobile communications are bad for some plants and animals. (

Please take time to consider the following information: National Toxicology Program. NTP technical
report on the toxicology and carcinogenesis studies in B6C3F1/N mice exposed to whole-body radio
frequency radiation at a frequency (1,900 MHz) and modulations (GSM and CDMA) used by cell phonies
(scheduled peer review, March 26, 2018):

As early as 2014 the American mobile communications expert Martin Blank wrote in is book Overpowered:
The traditional distinction between ionizing radiation which is perhaps cancer causing and nonionizing
radiation (mobile communication) is arbitrary. Noteworthy is also the publication by Riadh W.
Y. Habash, Bioeffects and Therapeutic Applications of Electromagnetic Energy [London/New York,
2007], 149ff  “Bioeffects and Health Implications of Radiofrequency Radiation”. In 2014 it was noted in
a scholarly article that given the present knowledge especially weak radiation is bad to health (M.
Naziroglu/H. Akman, “Effects of Cellular Phone- and WiFi-Induced Electromagnetic Radiation on Oxidative Stress and Molecular Pathways in Brain”, in: I. Laher, ed., Systems Biology of Free Radicals
and Antioxidants [Berlin/Heidelberg, 2014], 2431-2449).

The internationally constituted BioInitiative Working Group reported too that there are more and more indications of health risks caused by wireless technologies. You can see this at

We are sure that your satellite project is already at an advanced stage. But even if much money has
been invested, one should consider that it is only a matter of time until the fact of damaging health potential of mobile communications – and especially of 5G-mobile communication – can no longer we
overlooked. Therefore we emphatically recommend not to implement the satellite project. We also ask
you from “Old Europe” to inform about this other companies pursue similar plans.

It is very important to seriously consider possible health risks and then pursue another path to the future.

Dear director Musk, you have shown lately with other projects that you are flexible enough to
change your way of thinking. Therefore we take courage to write to you and thank you for your kind

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. med. dent. Claus Scheingraber                                          Roland Wolff
(Chairman)                                                                                   (Expert Medical Physics)

Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht (Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Helmuth Kern (Esslingen)
Prof. Dr. Heinz Albert Friehe (Salzgitter)
Prof. Dr. Hans Schwarz (Regensburg)
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Gerhard (Heidelberg)
Dr. med. Joachim Mutter (Freiburg)
Dr. med. Christine Aschermann (Leutkirchen)
Dr. med. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam (Fuldatal)
Dr. med. Markus Kern (Kempten)

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