World Health Organization: setting the standard for a wireless world of harm

A document by Olga Sheean regarding the special interests behind WHO’s wireless safety standards.

Excerpt from pdf: Lentegeur Cape Town South Africa
My name is Amanda Collins and I live with my 12-year-old daughter Skyla
[pictured in the pdf] in Lentegeur —a suburb on the outskirts of Cape Town. Aged
four, Skyla was diagnosed with autism and ADD and attends a ‘special needs’
school. Since the installation of a cell tower, 10 metres from our home, around
a year ago, I have noticed a complete change in Skyla’s demeanour. She has
retracted back into the shell she was starting to escape from and become quiet,
introverted and rarely initiates conversations.
My heart is broken as I do not know how to help my daughter. I too am suffering and have learnt to live with buzzing in my ears, difficulty falling asleep at night, as well as regular headaches. I now keep a supply of pain pills on hand.
My crowning glory used to be my hair, which was thick, straight and shiny. Today, I hardly recognize myself in the mirror as my hair has become wiry and dry.
Under Apartheid, my community was disenfranchised. It is how I feel once again today!
—Amanda Collins, Cape Town, South Africa.

Olga Sheaan’s document asks:

What kind of world…?
…puts profit before people, the planet and prosperity?
…rejects the kind of science that makes sense of our biology and keeps us safe?
…forces young schoolchildren to be exposed to high levels of microwave radiation?
…penalizes teachers for trying to protect themselves/their students from WiFi radiation?
…dismisses the physical suffering of millions of global citizens with microwave sickness?
…has governments that refuse to acknowledge or talk to their constituents about the wireless
technology deployed without their consent and without limits, monitoring or control?
…employs industry-biased/-funded ‘experts’ to downplay the dangers of wireless technology?
…fails to advise the public of the dangers identified by the telecoms industry itself?
What kind of World Health Organization condones worldwide harm in favour of industry?

The pdf is available at this link:

WHO Harm

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