West County residents push back against proposed 5G cell tower: ‘There’s just too much unknown’

Kim St Onge Posted on Sep 11, 2020

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV.com) — Ballwin is one of the latest cities asked to be home to an AT&T 5G cell phone tower. The 5G technology is promoted as being a more reliable network and provides faster service, but not everyone is on board.

Amy Weinstein and Ken Dubinsky bought their Ballwin home nine years ago. The cell phone tower would be built just yards from the back of their home. The couple is fighting to get the 5G tower put in a different location. While the impact the 100-foot tower could have on their property value is a concern, it’s not their only fear. 

“My wife is a cancer survivor, my daughter is a cancer survivor. It’s just a case that, I don’t want to hear in 20 years that oh they have discovered there are health risks. There’s just too much unknown to take that chance,” said Dubinsky.

Read the full article (video available) at https://www.kmov.com/news/west-county-residents-push-back-against-proposed-5g-cell-tower-theres-just-too-much-unknown/article_2e83dbd6-f49c-11ea-b7bf-2776ed6d0a3f.html

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