Response requested: Dr Magda Havas study – Cost of Health Care Associated with Electrosmog Exposure

Dr Magda Havas is gathering data on the cost of health care associated with electrosmog and is requesting input.
Note: Dr Havas would like to receive the information by October 26, 2018.



Dr Havas:
We have evidence that electrosmog “causes” and “promotes” cancer; contributes to EHS; interferes with reproduction in various ways (miscarriages, sperm deformities, behavioural problems in offspring); contributes to neurological disorders and to various types of chronic illness.  I’m convinced that the amount of money we spend on diagnostics and treatment is considerable.  Some of these costs are born by the individual and others by insurance agencies and by governing bodies (depending on the type of health care available in a particular country).  While the pharmaceutical industry benefits from chronic illness … everyone else pays for it financially and through their suffering.
If you could send me any of the following I would be most appreciative:
1.  links to information related to health care costs of electrosmog;
2.  a few paragraphs from your personal experience (and please let me know if I am able to quote you and/or reveal your identify); and
3.   and anything else you think might be helpful.
For those of you who have an electrosmog associated illness (cancer, EHS, other) … some of the following questions may help you provide information:
1.  How old are you?
2.  How long have you suffered with EHS? Cancer (if you think this was caused by Esmog)?  Other?
3.  What were/are your symptoms?
4.  How did you determine that you had EHS? Cancer associated with smog exposure? etc.
5.  What types of diagnostics did your doctor(s) recommend?
6.  Which ones were useful?
7.  What types of treatments did your doctor(s) recommend?
8.  Which ones were useful?
9.  Do you still have symptoms of EHS, cancer, other?
10.  If not, what did you do to “recover”?
11.  Did you pay for the diagnostics and treatments out of pocket, via insurance, or via government health care?
12.  Can you estimate the cost of diagnostics and treatments you underwent?
For those of you who are  health care providers and have patients with EHS or other illnesses like cancer associated with electrosmog exposure:
1.  Type of health care you practice:  MD, ND, DOM, etc.  List as many credentials as apply.
2.  How long have you been in medical practice?
3.  How many patients do you treat annually (approximately) and what percentage of them do you think react to electrosmog either via EHS, cancer, other?
4.  Have these percentages changed since you first started practice and, if so, how?
5.  What diagnostics have been most useful for helping these patients?
6.  What treatments have been most useful for helping these patients (note I will separate patients into cancer, EHS, reproductive problems, etc. in the final document).
7.  What percentage of the patients you treat for Esmog–related illness have recovered?
8.  What recommendations do you have for other health care providers to promote recovery?
9.  What recommendations do you have for the government regarding electrosmog?
10.  What percentage of health care costs do you think are associated with Esmog exposure?
For those of you who are teachers (or parents) and are dealing with students (children) who have EHS or other Esmog related behavioural/health problems.
1.  How long have you been teaching?
2.  What grades have you taught and what grades are you currently teaching?
3.  Does your school have Wi-Fi?
4.  When was it introduced into your school?
5.  Did you notice any differences in student behaviour/health after Wi-Fi was introduced into the school environment?
6.  If “yes” to Q5, how did student behaviour (health) change after Wi-Fi was introduced?
7.  How has Wi-Fi benefited your teaching and student learning?
8.  Has Wi-Fi interfered with your teaching/student learning and if so how?
9.  What changes have you noticed in students from when you first started teaching and now?
10.  What advice would you offer school boards regarding Wi-Fi, cell phone use in the classroom, use of other wireless technology?
11.  What percentage of your students are reacting adversely to wireless technology?
12.  What are their symptoms?
13.  What percentage of the teachers in your school are reacting adversely to wireless technology? [NOTE:  feel free to say “I don’t know.”]
14.  What are their symptoms?
15.  Do you react adversely to WiFi and, if “yes”, what are your symptoms?
16.  Have you shared your concerns with your union, principal, school board?
17.  If “yes” are they sympathetic to your concerns and have any changes been implemented to alleviate your concerns?
18.  Any idea how WiFi has altered the effectiveness of teaching (i.e. more or less efficient of both)?
19.  Any idea how WiFi has altered the cost of teaching (i.e. more or less costly).  Please provide details  (i.e. need for one-on-one instruction, specialists brought to class, etc)?
The information can be send here:

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