Professor Marwala: invest in research on the health impact of 5G

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Some conspiracy theorists are linking 5G to the coronavirus. There is no causal connection between 5G technology and any biological virus, including the COVID-19. The second concern around 5G is that it emits radiofrequency radiation that is dangerous to human health. The word radiation is scary because it is linked to nuclear bombs. Nuclear radiation is ionising and can modify the DNA and destroy cells. Non-ionising radiation like high frequency electromagnetic waves are non-ionising and therefore, are not as dangerous. We, however, should invest in research on the health impact of 5G. (Emphasis added by EMFSA)

EMFSA comments:

-We would have added “do not damage cells DIRECTLY“, rather “INDIRECTLY” to the above paragraph.

-We agree that 5G does not cause COVID-19.

-Yes to multidisciplinary research on the health impacts of not only 5G, but EMF exposures in general.

Professor Marwala is the author of Closing the Gap: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa. Read the book review by Andries Nel at

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