MTN launches live indoor 5G trial network at Kyalami

Source: My Broadband

Excerpts: MTN South Africa has launched a live 5G indoor solution at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre.

This is the first time that MTN has deployed a trial 5G network as an indoor business solution, and the company stated that commercial-grade 5G network equipment and devices were used in this deployment.

The 5G indoor solution consists of an end-to-end dedicated 5G network operating in 100MHz of 28GHz licensed spectrum.

A 5G router accessible to Kyalami employees and attendees provides a fibre-like 5G service to mobile devices and computers via Wi-Fi connectivity. Once smartphones with 5G capabilities are available in South Africa, these will be able to connect to the 5G indoor solution.

MTN South Africa CTIO Giovanni Chiarelli said that the company is working to explore a variety of 5G use cases with a number of partners.

“Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre offers MTN the unique opportunity to test 5G services within a corporate and public indoor environment, while providing us with the opportunity to explore advanced 5G IoT and mission critical use cases.”

He added that the biggest challenge to widespread deployment of 5G in South Africa remains the lack of available spectrum.

“The most significant challenge preventing MTN from commercially launching 5G services is the lack of appropriate 5G spectrum,” he said.

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