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(Brussels / 03.10.2019) While the European Commission is preparing to publish a 5G risk assessment on cybersecurity, MEPs Philippe Lamberts, Klaus Buchner and Michèle Rivasi (Green Group / EFA) condemn the blatant lack of biological and environmental studies on 5G radiation and promptly request a study on the effects of 5G on health, even before the massive use of this technology. Without studies, the application of the precautionary principle to 5G is justified.

There are currently no studies on the biological effects of true 5G radiation. The scientific literature of recent decades on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields indicates several deleterious effects, including the nervous system, oxidative stress, hormonal imbalances, and excessive calcium signals in cells. For each of these effects alone there are 12 to 35 review articles on the scientific research results.

5G has a number of peculiarities compared to previous wireless standards: a frightening increase in the number of antennas required, the very high powers announced to ensure the penetration of short-wave radiation into buildings, the high absorption of electromagnetic waves from 5G on the surface of organisms insects, birds and trees and the exceptionally high pulses of 5G signals, which are biologically even more active than those of previous generations of mobile radio. These are all factors that raise the suspicion of similar or more serious harmful effects of 5G radiation on wildlife, plants and humans than the previous radio radiation. That’s why we need biological impact assessments as soon as possible to address serious health concerns.

Quote from French MEP Michele Rivasi (EELV): “The unbridled development of 5G will be accompanied by an increase in environmental radiation power, and who will benefit from this new wave of electromagnetic waves that they impose on us. With what health risks? The more people are exposed to radiation, the more people get sick from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, we do not want to endure pollution and become guinea pigs of industrialists, the right to live in an environment without radio waves ‘must be recognized and the precautionary principle applied!”

Prof. Klaus Buchner, German Democrat of the Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP): “5G technology raises public health issues, but it also allows for full monitoring in the form of tracking applications, such as in your refrigerator. tracking what you eat, or through facial recognition via cameras in your TV, such applications are designed to collect valuable information for individualized advertising that may be misused for other purposes as well Helping us to be influenced can be much greater, so that, for example, an election bias as done by Cambridge Analytica can be perfected.

Philippe Lamberts, Belgian Member of the Ecolo Party, Co-Chair of the Greens / EFA Group: “I am neither a blind technology fan nor a skeptic, as an engineer I know that technology can be as useful as it is dangerous. The enthusiasm for 5G is based on industry arguments, but without real social benefits, so it is imperative to wait and take the time to find out at the end of the day what 5G really can do for us, the European citizens. ”


In the framework of the workshop “5G, Health Risks and Precautionary Principle“, which took place in the European Parliament on 1 October, politicians, scientists and citizens from France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland requested that studies are conducted on the effects of 5G radiation on life, health and the environment. Without this prior assessment, the precautionary principle must be applied and a moratorium must be decided on the use of 5G, as,  for example, in three Swiss cantons and by many municipalities in Belgium and Italy.

At the moment, we do not have any studies based on real 5G signals and their effects on animals, the same goes for 4G, the problem is that we used all of these technologies without testing for bio-safety.” The existing guidelines are flawed, because they do not study non-thermal, carcinogenic or reprotoxic effects, “said Professor of Biochemistry and Medicine Martin Pall (Washington State University, USA).

Dr. Marc Arazi, President of the PhoneGate Alert Association, educates consumers about deception and general concealment of the actual levels of physical cell phone radiation: “What should we think about the launch of the new 5G phones? We can no longer trust the cell phone manufacturers who knowingly  exposed to far greater levels of radiation than the statutory limits set by health risks would have allowed. ”

Maurizio Martucci, of Stop5G European Alliance, says: “We are mobilizing against 5G because the population has been forced to vote for 5G, 40 municipalities in Italy have already voted for a 5G moratorium and on 7 October a national moratorium is under discussion in Italy. The European Alliance Stop5G calls for an international moratorium as long as no more thorough scientific studies are available. ”

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