Among the topics we discuss in our November 2019 Newsletter:


RFR Carcinogenicity

The Precautionary Principle versus the ALARA Principle

5G Research at Bremen University

The WHO, UN, ITU and ICNIRP – Important decisions made at the recent ITU congress in Egypt.

Videos and podcasts

Occupational risks for cell tower antenna workers and maintenance workers ( painters and cleaners) in the vicinity of antennas. 

4G, 5G small cells and the City of Cape Town, South Africa

French Farmers, their livestock and EMF

Bees, pollinators and power lines

Eye (ocular) melanoma

Two geographical clusters of uveal melanoma

Is there a link between radon exposure and increased incidence of thyroid cancer?

Bacterial resistance

Light Pollution – note re autism

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“For the Safer Use of Technology”

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