Durban residents up in arms over cell mast


By Siboniso Mngadi, Jun 14, 2020

Durban – Merewent residents have accused telecommunications company Atlas Towers Group of targeting “impoverished” communities by choosing to place a cell mast in their neighbourhood.

The company erects radio masts to improve wireless connectivity for mobile network operators. However, some Merewent residents say they believe the masts pose a serious health risk.

This week, angry residents came out in numbers and halted the erection of a mast inside a residential property on Umbria Road.

They staged a protest opposing the installation and asked the contractor to vacate the site.

Cell masts have been removed in some areas of Durban following public outcry.

Merewent residents who signed a petition with the assistance of the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDEA) accused the company of flouting land-use by-laws by erecting the mast without the consent of residents.

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