Does Amazon’s Sleep Tracking Technology Invade Bedroom Privacy? Concerns Raised About Data Sharing, Opacity of Intentions for Collected Information

Source CPO Magazine


Amazon’s new sleep tracking technology proposes to cast an “electromagnetic bubble” over customers, monitoring their movements throughout the night in an attempt to improve quality of rest. Critics have already raised multiple concerns, from exactly what Amazon intends to do with the data it collects about sleep habits to the amount of radiation it would need to emit to function.

Sleep tracking technology puts corporations in the bedroom

The apparent market demand for Amazon’s new sleep tracking tech stems from reports of common sleep disturbance during the Covid-19 pandemic; studies find that as many as half of all respondents are saying that they have been having trouble getting a full night of rest since early last year.

About two weeks ago, Amazon received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval to bring sleep tracking devices to the market. The unit has yet to be built, but the proposed plan is to use 60GHZ radar to track body motion across a bed throughout the night. Excessive or unusual movements might then help to pinpoint specific issues causing difficulty in maintaining proper sleep. Google is developing similar sensor technology to be incorporated in its Nest Hub smart device networking system.


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