Anti- 5G/EMF Protection: Quantum jewellery

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18th December 2021

Further to the study by Hassan et al. , 2021 “Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Bracelets and Necklaces: Radiological Risk Evaluation.” published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health:

Anti-5G Radiation Necklaces Are Actually Radioactive, Nuclear Experts Say

Anti-5G radiation necklaces, also known as quantum pendants, are being peddled online as a way to protect yourself from allegedly radioactive 5G signals. But then, it turns out these pendants are actually radioactive themselves.

Anti-5G “quantum pendants” are radioactive

Dutch authority for nuclear safety issues warning, bans 10 scammy “negative ion” products.

 AVNS said. “If you own a product that claims to have a ‘negative ion effect,’ store it away safely and contact the ANVS.”

For a full list of the harmful products, see the website of the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection:

Washington State Department of Health

The items are advertised as having negative ion technology, quantum scalar energy, volcanic lava energy, and quantum science. Items include pendants, wristbands, kinesiology tape, and other personal items. They are advertised as a way to maintain health, balance energy, and improve emotional well-being. Some also claim to protect people and pets from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Some items use minerals like thorium and uranium, which are both radioactive and chemically toxic. Even though these minerals are naturally occurring and found in most parts of the world, the radioactivity becomes more concentrated when made into these products. Some items have very low levels of radioactivity and others have levels that would require a radioactive materials license in Washington State.

We at EMFSA fully agree with the above because we have had a number of requests to investigate “products” and their claims, such as:

-Conversion of radiofrequency radiation to make it “safe/safer” but not not lose any of its ability to carry the information.

-A device that “protects” the whole house.

-Cell phone or device stickers that claim to reduce the electric field or magnetic field or both and/or help the body “cope” better.

-Products that claim to “harmonise” and “neutralise”

-Shungite, orgonite, crystals, salt lamps, pyramids

-We investigated a “product” that claimed a certain patent. Upon investigation the “patent” turned out not to be for the product in question.

-Another “product” that claimed FCC approval, but upon investigation the approval was for another genuine electronic product using the same name.

Our list is expanding continuously.

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