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CANCER NTP: Cell Phone RF Breaks DNA Consistent with Higher Tumor Counts 20 Years After Landmark Lai-Singh Study

Tumor promotion by exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below exposure limits for humans

Leukemia: According to this oncologist, the cause-effect link between EMF fields and leukemia is no longer to be doubted. “When doses increase, the rates of leukemia increase accordingly. Dozens of toxicological lab studies show that in the most obvious way, in vivo and in vitro.”
Oncology professor at Paris Descartes University, Prof. Belpomme, President of the Association for Research and Treatments against Cancer.

Long-term exposure to microwave radiation provokes cancer growth: 2011 evidences from radars and mobile communication systems.

Genetic Damage

A cross-sectional case control study on genetic damage in individuals residing in the vicinity of a mobile phone base station.


Memorandum on the Bird and Wildlife Impacts of Non-ionizing Radiation by Albert M. Manville Ph.D. Former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Senior Biologist pdf in here

Radio-frequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations. Sci Total Environ. 2016 Aug 20;572:554-569.


How does long term exposure to base stations and mobile phones affect human hormone profiles?

EHS Electrohypersensitivity

Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder. 2015

Electrohypersensitivity: a functional impairment due to an inaccessible environment 2015

The microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity: historical background. 2015

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – an increasing challenge to the medical profession. 2015

Implications of non-linear biological oscillations on human electrophysiology for EHS and MCS 2015


Effect of mobile telephones on sperm quality: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Male fertility and its association with occupational and mobile phone towers hazards: An analytic study 2016

Public Exposure

Radiofrequency radiation at Stockholm Central Railway Station in Sweden and some medical aspects on public exposure to RF fields 2016