Open letter to GP’s and other Medical Colleagues Dear Colleague Electrosensitivity / Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Open letter to GP’s and other Medical Colleagues

by Dr Andrew Tresidder MB BS MRCGP Cert Med Ed
Springmead Surgery
Summerfields Road
TA20 2EW

Dear Colleague
Electrosensitivity / Electromagnetic Sensitivity

A number of my patients have symptoms and illnesses which have been caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields, and which have been relieved by avoidance of the same fields.

Examples are:

A 22 year old whose headaches and tiredness were abolished and sleep pattern improved after moving her mobile phone on charge away from the bed, removing the mobile from her body space by day, and switching off other electrics;

A 78 year old whose headaches so concerned met that blood tests, an MRI and neurology opinion were sought (both normal) – his symptoms disappeared after switching off his home wifi hub router and cordless phone;

A 64 year old very fit man who had noticed 4 months of decreased vitality and increased irritability – both reversed after changing the wireless router to a wired one;

A 40 year old and a 60 year old whose
headaches disappeared (one) and migraines substantially reduced (the other) after removing cordless phones from the bedroom.

Another adult has had tingling of face and muzzle area, and loss of ability to speak and think fluently when near a wifi router,

A child had a prolonged feverish illness for several weeks after a viral illness, which coincidentally completely resolved when transmitting wifi, baby alarm and cordless phones were removed from the house (ie failure to recover normally and rapidly from a viral illness).

Diagnosis in all of these cases is mainly on
history, supported in some by the use of an Electrosmog Detector.

I have observed all the above in patients that I have seen, and suspect that the problem is farmore widespread than is recognized.

Please note, the above are all short term effects – the jurywill be out for some time on long term effects, though we already know the correlation between EM fields and childhood leukaemia, whilst there is increasing evidence linking dementia with EM

Please take your patient seriously – you may be the first doctor in your area to diagnose and
support in this new field of illness – and you may have other patients who are helped – by you! For full letter please see the attached pdf. open-letter-to-gps-on-es-01-123

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